QuickModel - ORM for QML

QuickModel is a simple/easy to setup ORM library for Qt/QML. Tha main goal is to provide a very simple ORM layer on top of the SQLite access.

To achieve those goals we aim the following

  • Single file library/Just need to import a single file into your QML project
  • Consistent interface inspired by Django ORM

Quick Start

Clone the repository and import the library/quickmodel.js file into your project.

Define your database and the models in a js file:

var quickModel = new QuickModel.QMDatabase(‘testApp’, ‘1.0’); //Define objects

var Artist = quickModel.define(‘Artist’, {
name: quickModel.String(‘Name’, {accept_null:false})


var Track = quickModel.define(‘Track’, {
title: quickModel.String(‘Track Name’, {accept_null:false}), artist: quickModel.FK(‘Artist’, {‘references’: ‘Artist’})


Run your queries on your new database:

var artist1 = Artist.create({name: ‘Lana del Rey’});

var artist2 = Artist.create({name: ‘Rammstein’});

var artist3 = Artist.create({name: ‘Arctic Monkeys’});

var artist4 = Artist.create({name: ‘Johnny Cash’});

var artist5 = Artist.create({name: ‘Johnny Bravo’});

var track = Track.create({title: ‘Born to die’, artist: artist.id});

var artists_johnny = Artist.filter({name__like: ‘Johnny’}).all();

var sorted_artists = Artist.order(‘name’).limit(3).all();

var lana = Artist.filter({name: ‘Lana del Rey’}).get();

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